How do I gain access to this tool?

DCSs are responsible for identifying which individuals will have access to the Behavioral Health Criminal Justice Alert Tool. DCSs will send this list of individuals, with accompanying information, to CLMHD for usernames to be created and access to the tool can be granted. Information required by CLMHD includes: The name of the individual, email address, position/title, agency name, and County. Information can be sent to Francine Sinkoff at FS@CLMHD.ORG or Lisa Howard-Fiato at LF@CLMHD.ORG.

Steps Outlined below:

  1. Reach out to local LGU/DCS to gain access to the Behavioral Health Criminal Justice Alert Tool (BHCJAT).
  2. Your local LGU/DCS will submit an Authorized User Request Form in order for you to be assigned a User Name. It is important that you’re DCS be aware of who is requesting access to the BHCJAT.
  3. Once a User Name is established, you will receive any email from "Behavioral Health Criminal Justice Alert Tool Administrator". PLEASE NOTE – this email may go into your spam folder, please check.
  4. The email will state:

    a. An administrator for the Behavioral Health Criminal Justice Alert Tool has created a new account for you. Your username is: XXXXX – Your User Name

    Please click here to set your password and confirm your account.

  5. When you click to create your password you will have to enter in twice and when confirmed it will bring you to the home page of the BHCJAT.

Download Authorized User Request Form – Behavioral Health Criminal Justice Alert Tool

Where can I go for technical support?

For technical support please click on the "Contact" tab and include your name, email, and the technical issue you are experiencing. Once we receive your message we will be able to assist further.

How do I navigate this tool?

See the User Guide for more information

How do I change/reset my password?

Password change requests can be done by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link under the Login section.

What does this cost?

This tool was developed by CLMHD in partnership with CCSI and can be used at no cost.

What do I do when I find a match?

See pages 18 - 23 in the User Guide for instructions on how to proceed after finding a match.